AQF Certification Policy


The purpose of this policy is to outline Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria Inc (DVRCV)’s approach to ensuring it only issues qualifications, statements of attainment and records of results to participants who have completed all requirements of the course they are enrolled in.

It outlines the systems in place to ensure certification is issued correctly and only after participants have fully demonstrated competence against the required units or modules. This policy contributes to DVRCV’s compliance with the requirements of its registration as a training provider including Condition 6 of the AQTF.


AQF means Australian Qualifications Framework which can be accessed at

AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy means the national policy outlined in the AQF and available at

AQTF means the AQTF Essential Standards of Continuing Registration 2010.

Certification document means a Testamur, Statement of Attainment or Record of Results.

Course means any nationally recognised qualification, unit of competency, skill set or short course in which a participant is enrolled with the RTO.

NRT Logo Conditions of Use are outlined in the NRT Logo Specifications that can be accessed here:

Record of Results is a record of all the units and modules completed and their results that lead to an AQF qualification or VET Accredited Course being issued and is issued alongside an AQF qualification or Statement of Attainment. Participants who complete part of the requirements of an AQF qualification are entitled to receive a record of results.

Statement of Attainment confirms that one or more nationally recognised units or modules has been achieved by an individual but is only used where there has been partial completion of a qualification or VET accredited course.

Testamur is an official certification document that confirms that an AQF qualification has been awarded to an individual. This may be called an ‘award’, ‘qualification’ ‘parchment’, or ‘certificate’.

Unique Student Identifier means a unique number assigned to an individual by the Registrar, in accordance with the Student Identifiers Act 2014.

VRQA means Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority which is the state VET regulator and the RTO’s registering body.


  1. Certification issuance
    • In accordance with the AQTF, DVRCV issues AQF certification documentation to participants who have been assessed as meeting the requirements of a unit, module, qualification or course as specified in the relevant Training Package or VET Accredited Course.
    • All AQF certification documents issued by DVRCV will:
      • Meet the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) requirements
      • Identify DVRCV by its national provider number from the national register at
      • Include the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo in accordance with the current conditions of service.
    • Certification documents will be issued within 30 calendar days of the participant being assessed as meeting the requirements of the Course, providing that all course fees have been paid.
  2. Authenticity
    • To ensure authenticity of our certification documents and to ensure they cannot be fraudulently reproduced, our certification documents:
      • Include an individual certificate number on them
      • Include our watermark which is difficult to re-produce
      • All important information including date, participant name and title of qualification/course is printed on a coloured background so they are difficult to tamper with.
    • Members of the public are welcome to contact our office to confirm the details of any qualification, statement of attainment or record of results issued by DVRCV. The person making the enquiry must provide the details of the document including participant name, qualification or unit details, issue date and document number.
    • This information is published in the Participant Induction Booklet and Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria Inc’s website to ensure members of the public have the information they need to authenticate our certification documents.
  3. Record keeping
    • Retains a register of AQF unit, module, qualification or course is authorised to issue and of all AQF qualifications issued.
    • Retains records of AQF certification documentation issued for a period of 30 years, on aXcelerate.
    • Reports the AQF Qualifications issued to VRQA on a regular basis as required by VRQA.
  4. Unique Student Identifiers (USIs)
    • Will not issue AQF certification documentation to an individual without being in receipt of a verified USI for that individual, unless an exemption applies under the Student Identifiers Act 2014.
    • Unique Student identifiers will not be included on a Statement of Attainment or a Testamur.
  5. Reissuing
    Current and past participants can request a copy of their certification documents at any time. There may be an additional cost for re-issuance, as detailed in the Fees and Refunds Policy.