‘Don’t Walk Past’ - taking action in the workplace to end harassment and gendered discrimination


This short course is tailored for workplaces or individuals that would like to develop their understanding of violence against women, the role workplaces can play in prevention violence against women including bystander action, skills and strategies. 


Through this training, participants will gain an evidence based understanding of:

  • The knowledge and skills needed to identify workplace culture that can contribute to violence against women and family violence
  • Strategies for speaking out and challenging practices, attitudes and behaviors that are disrespectful towards women
  • The important role of 'bystanders' in creating respectful and equitable work environments

This is an entry-level course and no prior knowledge of bystander approaches or primary prevention practice is necessary.

Essential training for:

Human resources professionals, social workers, community development workers, managers, team leaders and anyone who wants to better understand the role they can play in preventing violence against women in the workplace.

Please note this training is currently offered as in house training only.  



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