Wait List - MARAM - Leading Alignment


This is now available as virtual training. If there are no suitable dates available, please register for this wait list.


This one-day training is suitable for organisational leaders, CEO’s, Directors or senior managers across all organisations/ agencies prescribed under the MARAM. The training is pitched at a senior level to those who have decision making responsibilities leading the embedding of MARAM in the organisational context. The training promotes an understanding of the MARAM Framework including key strategies and requirements such as practice, policies and procedures necessary to align with MARAM.

To check whether this is the correct training for you, please read the MARAM decision making tree.


If you have not attended a face to face family violence and child information sharing schemes training session – please complete this e-learn. This e-learn will also provide an introduction to the MARAM framework and its relationship to the information sharing schemes.
Module 2: Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Schemes, and an Introduction to MARAM: 
Participants will also be required to read the MARAM framework before attending a training module.
The Multi Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework: 

Training eligibility criteria:

MARAM training is currently available for those prescribed in phase one and phase two. Currently prescribed workforces are here https://www.vic.gov.au/about-information-sharing-schemes-and-risk-management-framework

If you are interested in this training but there are no suitable dates available, please register for the wait list below. Please note, this is only a placeholder for future training. You will be notified when further training is scheduled.

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