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A community of practice is made up of a group of people who come together regularly to share practice stories and insights, engage in critical reflection and discussion, and problem solving and support, to improve individual and collective practice and impact. These groups may come together because they have common working environments, areas of focus, a passion about a topic, or similar challenges associated with their work.

Who is this community of practice for?

This online community of practice is for prevention practitioners working in and with regional and rural communities.

What happens in a community of practice?

You’ll log into an online forum for two hours one afternoon a month and be guided through an interactive session with an expert facilitator and other practitioners doing similar work to you. Each session provides a space to reflect, share knowledge and identify common issues that can arise for those of us who are relatively new to in this fast-paced and rapidly evolving sector.

What will I get out of it?

“I’ve most enjoyed the chance to connect on a personal/professional basis with colleagues in other organisations that I’ve so far only interacted with professionally. It helps to keep the humanity in what we’re doing and reminds me that this is a journey of constant learning.” Previous DVRCV Community of Practice Participant

Working to prevent violence against women and family violence is hard. Whilst very rewarding, it comes with a unique set of challenges. As prevention practitioners, it is important that we stay open, focused and connected. Communities of practice offer a perfect space to do that. By taking the time to reflect about the work we are doing, we can get more strategic, develop better ways to deal with problems and enjoy ourselves a lot more!

Who facilitates?

DVRCV communities of practice are facilitated by our capability-building specialists who have the expertise to guide the conversation and ensure everyone has a chance to contribute. We will moderate the online conversation.

Key information

  • Each group will attend six online meetings. 
  • Participation is free of charge to participants, with this program funded by the Victorian government as part of the Free From Violence Strategy.

Contact information

For more information about the program, contact Belinda O'Connor at . For any other queries, please contact the training team at [email protected] or 03 83465266.

Our current community of practice dates are underway. If you interested in participating in a future group, please sign up to the expression of interest below and we’ll be in touch.

Upcoming Workshops

Name Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
Expression of Interest - Online Community of Practice - 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm Online 16 $0.00