Wait List - MARAM - Identification and Screening


This is now available as virtual training. If there are no suitable dates available, please register for this wait list.


This training is suitable for all professionals who may identify family violence is occurring and who engage with people in a one-off, episodic or ongoing service environment and are in a position to identify or screen for family violence. This training focuses on working with victim survivors. 
If you require further guidance on your alignment at a identification and screening level, please see the MARAM responsibilities: Decision Guide for organisational leaders.

Participants enrolled onto the course must complete an e-learn module and read the MARAM framework before attending a training module. Details on how to access this prerequisite will be given on enrolment.

Training eligibility criteria:

MARAM training is currently available for those prescribed in phase one and phase two. Currently prescribed workforces are here https://www.vic.gov.au/about-information-sharing-schemes-and-risk-management-framework

These modules will be delivered to professionals from a variety of backgrounds and are therefore not tailored to any specific workforce. Tailored training may be available for certain workforces through the relevant funding department. Please speak to your department contact as to whether tailored training is available for your sector.

If you are interested in this training but there are no suitable dates available, please register for the wait list below. Please note, this is only a placeholder for future training. You will be notified when further training is scheduled.

Upcoming Workshops

Name Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
WAIT LIST - MARAM Identification and Screening - Date and Location TBA - 12:00 am - 12:00 pm - 189 $0.00